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Seminar Title:  
Basic Criminal Investigation for Street Patrol and New Criminal Investigators

DATES:  9/26/2023 through 9/28/2023

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Tim Randall

LOCATION:  Madison County Sheriff's Office Training Center - 5827 Oakwood Rd, Huntsville, AL  35806

HOTEL:  Springhill Suites - Huntsville, AL  256-430-1485
Contact Hotel for Govt. Per Diem Rate

COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $425.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Sgt. Tim Randall (Retired) served with the Nampa Idaho Police Department for 31 years. He was assigned as a criminal investigator for 21 of those 31 years. As a lead investigator and supervisor, he conducted and assisted in hundreds of investigations. These include homicides, suicides, child abuse, rape, robbery and internal investigations..

Tim has served in many positions to include, patrol, patrol supervisor, criminal investigations, CID supervisor, SWAT, school resource officer, internal affairs and polygraph examiner.

Tim has served as the supervisor of the Operations of Professional Standard Division and was responsible for recruitment, hiring, and background investigations. Tim currently works for the Twin Falls, Idaho Police Department responsible for hiring and background investigations. Tim also works as an independent contractor conducting background and internal investigations for many agencies.

Tim has been an Idaho POST certified instructor for over 25 years in interview & interrogation, SWAT, chemical munitions, child abuse, elder abuse and juvenile procedures.

Pre-Payment is not required to register or attend IN-PERSON seminars. Pre-payment is required for WEBINARS and ONLINE COURSES.


Course Objectives

This course is designed for new investigators and patrol officers. The course provides a basic foundation of information and knowledge on the basic tools and skills necessary for a criminal investigation.

Rules of Evidence - Making mistakes is the number one reason cases are lost. When you go to trial, the defendant is never the one on trial. What is on trial is your and you case. This section will cover how to avoid the mistakes we make.

Search and Seizure - Expectation of privacy, 7 exceptions to a search warrant, motor vehicle searches, Terry searches, home searches.

Search Warrants - How to write a search warrant, elements of a search warrant, probable cause affidavit, reasonable particularity requirement, curtilage, good faith, return of service and search warrant examples.

Crime Scene Management - Your crime scene can be one of the most important elements of your case. This section will cover how to manage a crime scene to make sure everything gets done, everything gets done correctly and everything is documented.

Analyzing Evidence – At a crime scene how do you know what is evidence, what do you collect and what do you process. This section will better understand what evidence is and how it can benefit your case.

Follow-up Investigation – Interviews, Records checks, crime reconstruction, crime timeline, case check list, case notes, digital evidence, proving the element of a crime, social media investigations

Case Management – Planning for a successful prosecution should be a consideration from the time the case is assigned. Case screening, police/prosecutor relations, case audits, briefings and investigative plan

Eyewitness Identification - Simultaneous lineup, sequential lineup, live lineup, photo lineup composition, photo lineup admonishment, double blind showing and one on one lineups.

Case Overview - Arson, Burglary, Child abuse, Homicide, Theft, Assault, Batter, and Rape.

Interview and Interrogation – In criminal investigations witnesses solve crimes. You will learn how to get people to talk to you, how to get more information and how to get better information.

Interview setting, profile of a successful interview, interviewing techniques, collecting information, the “don’ts" of interviewing, documenting interviews, telephone interviews, confrontation calls, the cognitive interview process, memory retrieval techniques, distinguishing truthful and deceptive responses, 7 steps to a confession and false confessions.

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