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Seminar Title:  
4.5 Day Mobile Phone Investigations and Cellular Record Analysis

DATES:  10/9/2023 through 10/13/2023

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Jeffrey A. German

LOCATION:  Myrtle Beach Police Department Training Center - 3340 Mustang Street (M.B. Air Force Base), Myrtle Beach, SC  29577

HOTEL:  DoubleTree Resort By Hilton Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach, SC  843-315-7100
$104 Double
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COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $650.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Jeffrey German is a Detective with the City of Joliet, Illinois Police Department. Detective German has over 20 years’ experience as a Police Officer and over 8 years’ experience as a Detective and an Investigator for the Will/Grundy Major Crimes Task Force.  Detective German iscurrently tasked with High-Tech Criminal Investigations for the Joliet Police Department Investigations Division where his duties are cell phone forensics, video forensics, major crimes investigations, and Geolocation analysis of mobile devices.  Detective German is a subject matter expert in Call Detail Records and Geolocation Analysis and a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Technician. He is a Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner and a Magnet Certified Forensic Examiner. Detective German was awarded the VFW Officer of the Year award for 2009 and 2013. He was also awarded the State of Illinois VFW Officer of the Year in 2013.  Detective German is the owner of Hi-Tech Investigations LLC which provides training to Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and Corporate Security Personnel.  Detective German is an Adjunct Faculty Instructor for the College of DuPage Homeland Security Training Institute and a Contract Trainer for the Public AgencyTraining Council (PATC) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).

Pre-Payment is not required to register or attend IN-PERSON seminars. Pre-payment is required for WEBINARS and ONLINE COURSES.


Course Objectives


Law Enforcement Officers will first learn about the proper way to seize, preserve, and analyze Mobile Phones.  Mobile Forensic Tools such as Graykey, Cellebrite, and Axiom will be discussed.  Students will be instructed on data that is stored on Apple and Android devices. Mobile phone location history using Advertiser ID location information, Apple iOS locations, and Google location history will be discussed.  Students will be introduced to Cellular Network Technology and how Cell Site Location Information obtained from Cellular providers can be used in Criminal Investigations to locate a device historically and during live tracking. Google Geofence Data will be discussed and how this data can be used in unsolved and Cold Case Investigations.  Students will learn the skills needed to conduct internet-based investigations along with obtaining evidence from Social Media companies.  Students will learn the best practices on the preservation of content from Social Media Companies and obtaining records with a court order.  Students will be introduced to Open-Source Intelligence Techniques that can be used to obtain evidence and information about Offenders without the need for legal orders.  This course will be a hands-on class where students will work with a forensic mapping tool to analyze Apple, Google, and Cell Site Location Information. Students will need a laptop with internet capability and Google Earth Pro for Desktop installed on their laptop.  Bring a mouse to use with the laptop.


Upon Completion:

Participants will be able to seize and handle cellphones properly to allow for the best evidence to be extracted using forensic tools.  Participants will be introduced to different methods and tools to extract data from cell phones along with knowing the most efficient techniques to analyze phone records using Cellebrite.  Participants will have a better understanding of how cell phones collect and store data and how cellular networks operate.  Participants will know how to identify and obtain cellular records and how to forensically map the records to identify historical locations of the phone. Participates will understand the device location information that iOS devices store along with data that Google stores in their own servers which can be obtained with a court order. Participants will learn the best way to leverage Google Device Locations using Geofence Warrants which can be used in current and Cold Case Investigations.  Particpants will be able to obtain evidence and identify offenders from Social Media companies with a court order.  Participants will be able to use Open-Source Intelligence Techniques to obtain evidence and information about Offenders without the need for legal orders. 

Day 1

8-8:30                  Registration

8:30-9:30            Seizing cell phones

9:30-10:00          Introduction to Phone Forensics(Cellebrite, Graykey, etc)

10:00-10:45        Data stored on Apple devices and Android devices

10:45-11:30       Apple iCloud & 3rd Party Geolocation Tracking   

11:30-12:30        Lunch (On your own)

12:30-2:00          Hands-on practical using Cellebrite Reader

2:00-5:00             Hands-on practical using Forensic Mapping of Apple device locations      


Day 2

8:00-10:30          Introduction to Cellular Networks

10:30-11:00        Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators

10:30-11:15        Obtaining Provider records with Search Warrants

11:15-12:00        Analyzing Cellular Records

12:00-1:00          Lunch (On your own)

1:00-2:00             Paid Phone Lookup Tools            

2:00-5:00             Forensic Mapping of Cellular Records Hands-on practical              

Day 3

8:00-9:00            Time Difference of ArrivalRecords/Best Practices

9:00-10:00          Cell Tower Dumps/TDOA tower dumps/Drive Testing/Fugitive Tracking

10:00-12:00        Forensic Mapping of TDOA records Hands-on practical

12:00-1:00          Lunch (On your own)

1:00-1:30            Using LPR data and video surveillance in Geolocation Analysis. 

1:30-2:00             Motor Vehicle Digital Evidence

2:00-5:00            Forensic Mapping of Cellular Records Hands-on practical              

Day 4

8:00-9:00            Introduction to Google and Google location data

9:00-11:00          Hands-on practical with Google location data

11:00-12:00        Lunch (On your own)

12:00-1:00          Advertiser ID Geolocation / Google Geofence Search Warrants

1:00-4:00            Hands-on practical with Google Geofence Data

4:00-5:00            Case Studies

Day 5

0800-1000           Social Media Investigations

1000-1200           Open-Source Intelligence Techniques(OSINT)

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