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Seminar Title:  
"I Never Gave THAT a Thought!" -Deaf Sensitivity Training

DATES:  6/16/2022 through 6/16/2022

INSTRUCTOR(S):  Fred Greenspan

LOCATION:  Webinars - , , WEB  

HOTEL:   - ,   

COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $125.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Fred has spent over 45 years in sales, marketing, creative advertising, and as management executive in both radio & TV

advertising in the metro New York area. He also served with the NY State (Government) Assembly. He is one of the few

marketing firm heads who combines both a marketing and creative background with public service. Fred is one of the

rare ad agency executives who began his career as a client, serving as regional marketing associate with major airlines.

Thus he knows the tourism industry. With that background, he served as Vice President for Outreach, Public Relations

and Marketing for a tourism & travel related firm that serves several cities in Arizona.

In February 1983 he left the broadcast industry to head his own firm that had major national clients including the US

Census Bureau, the FBI, the IRS and the US Marshals Service among many other prestigious clients in the private

sector such as Benjamin Moore Paints, Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company, United Airlines, Citibank, among iconic

others. His background fortifies his strong reputation in the consumer and travel field. At his company, Tylin Promotions,

he believes that the fastest route to marketing success is the development of a strategically distinctive communications

concept: STRATEGIC FIREPOWER! It is the heart of his philosophy and the central route of all the activity at the firm. So

when he met the founder/ & CEO of the soon-to be formed travel related activity company, they both realized that they

had to thrust it into a well-known commodity in the industry. Fred was the man to do it. He handled public relations,

advertising and oversaw the reservations staff and promotion activity. When he finds the time, he hikes and loves every

minute of his own time on those trails and travels exploring new sights the world. He's very excited to be part of the

development of Salute to Our Heroes themed radio series and renew contacts at public safety forces throughout the US.

For over 45 years Greenspan’s company has worked with school districts across the country aiding their Human

Resource function. He created and produced the National Minority Careers in Education Expo, an annual event that

assisted k-12 school districts, community and four-year colleges and universities in the recruitment and retention of

professional staff. The venues used were Times’ Square’s Crowne Plaza, Madison Square Garden and the World Trade

Center in New York City. The event has also been held in Los Angeles and Chicagoland.

Fred has now added the d/Deaf Sensitivity Training Class Seminar to his services. His qualifications come from close

contacts within the Deaf Community, and experiencing first hand many of the major issues that face those with hearing

loss. He has basic communication skills in ASL and interacts with organizations that serve those who truly want to assist

the people who need the understanding of others. Sadly quite a few do not. There is constant outreach to other national

resources and organizations that have experience with the Deaf Community that furthers his education in that arena. He

has consulted with universities that specialize in students who are Deaf.

He has given the d/Deaf sensitivity training to several law enforcement agencies, city management, corrections, courts

and airport personnel, including, but not limited to the following: McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas at the training

center of the North Las Vegas Police Department; in Arizona, the Mesa, Scottsdale, Maricopa City, El Mirage, Town of

Florence, City of Tucson police departments, the Pima County , Pinal County and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Offices,

Tucson City Hall-Human Resources, and the Tucson Fire Department. In Montana, the class was administered to the

Missoula Police Dep’t., Missoula City H.R., Missoula County H.R., Helena Police Dep’t. and many others. He has created

“deaf social nights,” programs that help those who lack auditory and vocal acuity socialize with one another including

those in the hearing world.

Pre-Payment is not required to register or attend IN-PERSON seminars. Pre-payment is required for WEBINARS and ONLINE COURSES.


Course Objectives

I. I. Introductions

   A. A. Introduce presenter

        1. 1. Background experience

         2. 2. Education

    A. B. Ask for experience with or stories about deaf and hard of

              hearing people (DHH).

A.  II. Deaf Community and Deaf Culture

     A. A. Definition of “Deaf Community and Deaf Culture”

          1. 1. Beliefs held by members of the culture

          2. 2. Sub-groups within the community

          3. 3. Culturally appropriate terminology

         4. 4. How to communicate without using verbal

                communication or sign language

     A. B. How this culture relates to law enforcement

A.  III.  Traffic situations

      A. A. Where officers may encounter DHH drivers

               1. 1. Traffic violation

               2. 2. Automobile accident

      A. B.  Ideas for ways in which to deal with drivers who are DHH

                 1. 1. Role play

IV   Arrest situations

        i. A. Miranda advisement

                1. 1. How relates to deaf and hard of hearing people (DHH)

         1. B. Communication during an arrest

V  Domestic Violence

     1. A.  Behavior generally seen at a domestic violence call

               1. 1. Deaf/hard of hearing people are not always quiet

               2. 2. Communicate physically (with hands & facial


      B.  Sign Language Interpreters

            1. 1. Who is appropriate to use to interpret

VI  Sign Language Interpreters

       1. A. Role of an interpreter

                1. 1. To facilitate communication effectively

                2. 2. Best is someone outside of situation

                3. 3. Role play

               4 4. VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) cell phones. Oops!

VII  American Sign Language Vocabulary

        1. A. Signs officers may use when interacting with deaf/hard of

                 hearing individuals

                 1. 1. How to introduce themselves

                 2. 2. How to gain further personal information

                 3. 3. Colors

                 4. 4. Numbers

                 5. 5. Alphabet

VIII  Conclusion

         1. A.  Review main points of training

                   1. 1. Deaf Community and Deaf Culture

                   2. 2. Traffic

                   3. 3. Arrests

                   4. 4. Domestic Violence

                  5. 5. Sign language Interpreters (Caution re: VRI)

            6. American Sign Language (ASL) Finger Spelling (some vocabulary)

NOTE: You may want to buy an inexpensive pair of earplugs as you experience the world of silence.

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