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Seminar Title:  
Brain Chemistry, Interactions, & Conflict Resolution

DATES:  6/11/2019 through 6/12/2019


LOCATION:  Public Agency Training Council Training Center - 5235 Decatur Blvd, Indianapolis, IN  46241

HOTEL:  Holiday Inn - Indianapolis, IN  317-856-6200
$95 Double or Single
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COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $325.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

Don Haley Professor Don V. Haley runs the Criminal Justice program at Tidewater Community College’s Virginia Beach Campus. Professor Haley’s ability to combine theory with practicality arises from his vast educational and work experience in the areas of law enforcement. Professor Haley’s educational background consists of a BA in Criminology (Cum Laude) from Saint Leo College, an MPA in Justice Administration (4.0 GPA) from Troy State University, as well as other post graduate research methods courses. Don Haley is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. He also served as a correctional officer at Saint Brides Correctional Institute, a Virginia Beach deputy sheriff, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach police officer, and Virginia Beach police detective. In 1995, Don received the “Detective of the Year Award” for the 4th precinct, with the Virginia Beach Police Department. Don served as an adjunct professor at Virginia Wesleyan College from 1997-2008 in their criminal justice program. Don was “Voir dired” as an expert witness on a capital murder case in the 34th Judicial District Court in El Paso, Texas in 2008. Professor Haley’s law enforcement recognitions include the “Chamber of Commerce” award, Drug Enforcement Incentive Award, two Class Act awards, two Star Performer awards, and others. Professor Haley works contractually with theDistance Education Accrediting Commission, serving as a subject matter expert in criminal justice.
Professor Haley has researched and taught college students, law enforcement agencies, military personnel, business corporations, NCAA college athletes, and medical personnel in the latest advancements in the areas of neuroscience, brain chemistry, and psychology. Professor Haley reveals significant insight into the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions in human beings. 

Pre-Payment is NOT required to register or attend this seminar


Course Objectives

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Over the last decade we have made huge advancements in the areas of neuroscience and interactions between human beings. In this course we will teach “Why” it is important for law enforcement agencies to have a good foundation in this advanced area of study. Law enforcement professionals will find the information taught in this course extremely valuable when executing the duties and functions of their perspective careers and relationships in general. Understanding brain chemistry is essential and critical when resolving conflicts and keeping the peace. In this course we will cover the chemicals being released in the human brain and how they affect behavior. Interaction skills will be taught to increase the release of desired chemicals in the human brain, which create trust, leading to peaceful interactions. We will also articulate and teach the skills and behaviors, which will inhibit the release of bad chemicals in the brain. Such chemicals will lead to conflict, chaos, agitation, and a plethora of other problems. Upon successful completion of this course the law enforcement officer will possess a variety of psychological and physiological tools which will enhance their career performance.

Upon Successful Completion: Attendees will have been provided the skills and knowledge to:

  • Possess a basic understanding of neuroscience
  • Identify the chemicals released by the brain and how they affect human behavior
  • Comprehend the importance of Kinesics, Haptics and Proxemics
  • Identify the Seven Deadly Sins of Speaking
  • Know the 5 essential stages of de-escalating conflicts as it relates to psychology and biology
  • Understand the neuroscience behind cultural communication and interactions
  • Properly implement a valuable three-part perception checking technique
  • Understand and learn effective communication skills and methods of engaging with individuals/juveniles under the influence of Psychotropic drugs.

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