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Seminar Title:  
Death Investigation for the First Officer or Supervisor on the Scene

DATES:  6/5/2018 through 6/6/2018

INSTRUCTOR(S):  David Rivers

LOCATION:  French Lick Resort - 8670 West State Road 56, French Lick, IN  47432

HOTEL:  Best Western Plus French Lick - French Lick, IN  812-936-0520
$93.00 Single or Double; Includes Full Hot Breakfast
Identify with PATC and Show Gov't ID at Check In to receive discounted room rate.

COURSE REGISTRATION FEE:  $325.00 Includes all training materials, and a Certificate of Completion.

Instructor Bio

David W. Rivers, Sgt. (Retired)
Metro-Dade Police Department
Miami, Florida

David Rivers retired as a Detective Sergeant in the Homicide Bureau of the Metro-Dade Police Department after over 27 years of service.  He was assigned to the Homicide Bureau for 20 of those 27 plus years.  As a lead investigator and supervisor he conducted and assisted in the conducting of several hundred investigations.  These include homicides, suicides, accidental and other death investigations.  In 1988 David was assigned as the Supervisor of the “Cold Case Squad” which was responsible for the continuing investigation of information received on over 1,800 open homicides dating back to 1951.  Additionally, he has consulted on cases in the United States, Canada, Holland and the United Kingdom.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Nova Southern University and a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Florida International University.

David is a charter member and past member of the Board of Director’s of the International Homicide Investigator’s Association. In 2012 he received an Excellence and Life Time Achievement Award from the International Homicide Investigator’s Association for Death Investigation and Training.

Additionally, he is a member of several state homicide investigators associations.  He is a current member of International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (I.L.E.E.T.A.), International Police Association (I.P.A.); Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (A.C.J.S.) and the Police Section of A.C.J.S.; in April of 2010 he was certified as a Force Science Analyst by the Force Science ® Institute Limited.

He is currently the President of Voice & Ink Enterprises, Inc., a Florida Corporation that specializes in law enforcement training and expert witness testimony.  He is a national instructor for the Public Agency Training Council a majority of the time and has instructed law enforcement officers in 46 states and three foreign countries.  He specializes in Homicide Investigation and Officer Involved Shootings.

Pre-Payment is NOT required to register or attend this seminar


Course Objectives

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Course Objectives:

This two day training module will assist the uniform first responder and supervisors in conducting a thorough initial investigation into all types of death investigations. This training is also structured so the uniform officers who conduct follow-up investigations will receive additional information that will aid them in the performance of their job. It is a must for uniformed officers and supervisors.

Day One:

Post Mortem Body Changes: Livor Mortis, Rigor Mortis, Decomposition, Cadaveric Spasm, Algor Mortis and Tache Noire, Cause and Manner of Death will be defined and examined. Identify the difference between cause and manner of death.

Scene Security: 4th Admendment Issues, Scene Control and Exigency will be reviewed.

Miranda and other initial problems on death scenes: Observation, Documentation, Miranda Issues and how to handle the presence of a subject on the scene before the arrival of the investigator.

Natural Death Investigtion: Why Autopsy? Sudden Unattended Natural Death defined, what to do on the scene, notifying and interviewing relatives, checking medication, physical activity just prior to death, personal history, cultural and religious issues and some unique types of natural death investigation will all be investigated.

Day Two:

Suicide: Cases will be examined with some example cases reviewed, as well as contacts with the media and how to deal with them.

Non-vehicular accidental deaths: Including natural disasters, plane crashes, auto-erotic deaths and other non-vehicular accidental death investigative procedures will be examined.

Homicide Cases: Responsibilities and duties of the first responding officer. Look at the investigation from a different perspective.

Court Preparation: Proper documentation of your case and tips on testifying.

Officer Involved Shootings: Other In Custody Deaths will be examined. Case Law, Subject and Witness Officer’s Rights and Garrity Issues will be covered. Also Suicide by Cop (SbC) will be addressed.

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